Jul 10

Workhouse almost here

Hi Everyone

Your tickets are out, sorry for the delay, but had someone trying to copy them.

If they dont happen to get to you, dont worry, they’er all numbered and your names are on  my master list which will be on the gate.
Its looking to be a busy weekend, with all the band and dj slots filled, food and bar sorted, our only minor problem is that we have a very wet field. So we will ask you to bear with us, we have a solid car park and will try and put as many as close together as possible on it. The campervans have about enough hard standing if you’re good and dont try to drive onto the field.
We are setting up 8 rooms as dorms, so will have the biggest sleepover this year… so just bring pj’s sleeping mat and bag.
There will be some camping, but we ask that you go where asked.
Please don’t bring any glass…. it will be removed on entry as we have lots of children running around and we dont want cut feet etc.
Also, No Dogs….. its unfair on others.
One more ask… we have a fully stocked bar at pub prices, please use it and dont bring your own, security will ask you not to drink your own inside the confines of the building and gardens.
Apart form that…. Its Party Time – have fun:) :) :)

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Jul 05

DJ Times

8 – 9                 Ed Strange
9 – 10               Betty Ford
10 – 11             Filthy Klaxon
11 – 12            Aurora Template
12 – 1              Di Oxide

12 – 1              frOsty
1 – 2                Badaboon
2 – 3                Pixel
3 – 4                JOHNNY FLASH
4 – 5                Kim Sebastian Alexis Lagusz
5 – 6                Amy Booth & Ocean Spencer
6 – 7                DJ fflyffilyfbybl
7 – 8                AJ BATTUTA
8 – 9                Major Triadz
9 – 10              Jay VortecX & Miss Devious
10 – 11            Munta G & TALISMAN
11 – 12            Technosis
12 – 1              DUTCHIE
1 – 2                Dj Colon
2 – 3                Jak-In-House

12 – 1
1 – 2                Mark One
2 – 3                WOWZER
3 – 4                TRIPLE B
4 – 5                Stacey Hugs
5 – 6                Deejay Pheeva
6 – 7                Al Willman
7 – 8                Mark James

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Jun 20

Tickets Sales

Tickets will be on sale here until sunday 8th July, get them quick as there is no saying there will be many left to go on the gate.



Tickets now selling quickly…. we have limited numbers, so if you want to come, dont leave it to long.


It doesn’t look like there will be many on the gate

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Jun 05

Workhouse is NOT cancelled

Someone is spreading rumours that the Party this year has been cancelled….. It is ON,


It has NOT been cancelled

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May 28

Workhouse Lineup




Our Tomorrow


The Loving Cup

Silent Blackout

Bleedin Noses

The Madoc Vanguard


String the Marrionette

Soul Preachers

To Loud for the Legion

MJ Wor Rior


Luke Day Band

Caroline Peel

Cowbois Celtiadd

Dread Givaways

Shifty Chicken Shed

Tacsi Crew

Dai Robs

Hel Dinky

The Misty Blue Trio

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May 24

DJ sets going up…

Go to the DJ’s page for full Biogs….

Colon,  a.k.a Colin Hancock     -    Karl ‘Karlos’ Roberts

Jay VortecX     -   Deejay Pheeva

Amy Booth     -   Ocean Spencer    –   Stacey Hugs

AJ BATTUTA   -   Filthy Klaxon

Josh Lentink   aka  DUTCHIE


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Mar 21

 Sicknote     -     Bleedin Noses     -     Blindsyde

Caroline Peel     -     Dai Robs     -     Cowbois Celtaidd

Dread Giveaways     -     Hel Dinky     -     Luke Day

The Lady MJ Wor Rior     -     Our Tomorrow     -     Mix Masta-millz

Shifty Chicken Shed     -     Silent Blackout

Soul Preachers     -     Tacsi Crew

The Madoc Vanguard

The Misty Blue Trio     -     To Loud for the  Legion


List of DJ’s will be updated this week

Plus more to be announced

A small, family friendly party, with a live music stage in the garden, and this year, an amazing sound system and DJ setup in the Venue.

A large lounge area with tasty food, of all sorts, from around the world and a lovely big bar + chill out area. A happy weekend, no fences etc and aimed at people who want to relax and have a good time.
The event is being run by “The Workhouse”, which is doing up the building for Community, Arts, Education & Environment use.

The weekend will be free to members of “Workhouse 2012”, with membership a min donation of £28 a year.  There will also be other free events put on for members through the year.

Camping is available onsite, a whole 50 yards away, together with our new bunkhouse that sleeps 20, with toilet & shower.

A small donation for camping and parking, will go towards preparing and clearing the field after the event, and of course lots of toilets.

New this year , is our new Car park, which means most of you will be parking on hard standing instead of grass…

Also new this year will be a number of workshops, including Blacksmith,  Healing, Hoola, Fabric and Knitting and some amazing Burlesque  and with a much improved “Kids” Area, the children will be whisked away into a world of play and adventure,  clear of the arenas, but close enough for you to keep an eye and be at hand if needed.


Get your memberships / tickets now

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