Bleedin Noses

An ecclectic blend of musical styles, ranging from jazz, punk, indie, rock, folk and blues to the 20s and 40s.
Lyrically we are heartfelt and honest and this is extremely important to us all as a band. Each member sings with two main harmony vocals, both very different, but complementary of each other. This enables us to have fun experimenting with vocal layering and other techniques.
At the moment we are recording and concentrating on getting a creative set together hoping to play a few small festivals in the summer





Blindsyde are a original style indie band from Oswestry, Shropshire U.K. Formed in the summer of 2000, we are a five piece band, consisting of a lead vocalist, lead guitarist, rhythm guitarist, bass guitarist and drums. Our music has been described as “uplifting” with catchy hooks, an uptempo style, dance beats and funky basslines laying the foundations for an all round unique sound. Our influences range from The Beatles, Gomez, U2, The Stone Roses, and The Happy Mondays. We write all our own songs and have recorded a demo album titled “Rock And Stroll” which sums up our music in a nutshell .To date we have played approximately over 200 U.K dates, our biggest crowd being last summer playing at a live music festival to an audience of 15,000 people. For 2010 we plan to tour, hosting more U.K dates, with the later part of the year to record our second album. We’ve proved to be popular with all our audiences and have sold out of every C.D on every tour date which we find very rewarding and encouraging for us to keep on pushing ourselves forward. 




Cowbois Celtaidd


Cowbois Celtaidd are a folk rock collective from Anglesey, Wales, formed from a desire to make an active contribution to the underground festivals, gigs & parties they have frequented for the last decade or so. They were spotted by Gwynfryn Records & put in the studio to make their 1st album “Tatws Pum Munud” Much of the album was written on the way to the studio or actually in the studio itself, which made for some exciting songs. To the surprise of the band, who split up & reformed twice during its making, the album was a huge success selling well all over Wales & reaching #3 in the national chart. 100 gigs, 2 new members, a baby, 2 tours of Ireland, 700 cups of tea & an unmentionable amount of unmentionables later – here we are!



Dai Robs – yet another amazing vocal from this singer / songwriter from Mid-Wales.



Dread Giveaways

Grunge duo Dread Giveaways heeft een eigen label en treedt regelmatig op in de kraakscene. Met een drummer in onderbroek en met een lasbril op is het lastig in te schatten in hoeverre deze band serieus genomen moet worden met hun naar eigen zeggen ‘vroege jaren 80 hippy punk’.Psycho Lo-Fy Audiodidacts ….. Hippy&Punk and so on (duet)
Guitar / Lead Vocal : Chirostar
Drums / Backing Vocal : Vlufstar
Were we come from doesn’t matter we located on planed earth Amsterdam
Two people with energy how like do it on the Autodidactic way. We like the do it your self society & we do it on our own way.


Hel Dinky –

A 3 piece band with trully amazing vocals…. watch this space.


Luke Day

From Welshpool,Luke Day. Musician singer/songwriter, guitarist.
Playing music everywhere with The Luke Day Band!!!

Also in the band are: Catherine Hall



Lady MJ War rior

A voice for the DisAbled
A voice for the voiceless
Raising awareness for  Disabled people, against discrimination, poverty and war.
We promote peace and unity
I also promote WARRIOR WOMEN- Every women is strong and beautiful and they need to know it!
I am dedicated versatile performer working in wide sectors of public presentation. I work in wide genre of music- mainly Urban (hip hop, dnb garage) but i have also performed to Dirty Electro, Hardcore, with a live beat boxer, over an acoustic guitar and a live Jazz band. I Perform my own PA tracks live or MCing/ Singing hosting a DJ’s set
I have worked with many different artists from all backgrounds, cultures and ages.
I strongly promote unity to raise awareness of culture, heritage and disabilities and propel these messages in my lyrics

Mix Masta-millIntroducing Major Triadz, – a duo based in mid-Wales who blend insightful wordplay, original beats and skillful turntablism. Forming around 2 years ago they are making a reputation as an original and necessary addition to the UK music scene. Refusing to be pigeon-holed into any specific genre their varied beats draw inspiration from genres as diverse as Hip-Hop, Dub, Breaks and Country.Please take some time to listen to their tracks @ and let the music speak for itself.

Here is a small selection from some of the thousands of positive comments they have received globally for their music:

“you guys deserve radio rotation”
“man, I thought Hip-Hop was dead, I was wrong, your stuff is superb”
“beautiful! Dope message too lads, nice work”
“amazing scratching”
“love the real UK Hip-Hop….lyrical genius not corrupt influences…respect guys”z

Our Tomorrow

Our Tomorrow are a 5 piece Post-Hardcore band from the South Wales Valleys. With their energetic and diverse sound combined with their kick ass attitude, they have begun dominating the rock music scene and dont intend on stopping untill they have spread their sound worldwide.


Shifty Chicken Shed

Our genre?

Well that poses a question for us all, ARTS AND CRAFTS, bought cheaply from a discounted charity shop!

Spawned, tiny and hatching without then knowing it in a dimly lit function room, infact, believe it or not, and we don’t,
the one and only Wilfred Owen Peace Meeting at our local boozer, on (Lord of the Rings), MORDA Road, they played ….a cover, non the less, badly.
Shit local band… Shifty Chicken Shed were… born, an immaculate conception just befor Xmas. Drunk and disorderley that night, Shropington Lad was chanted till daylight came when they realised it was all too late and went to bed having formed a band, and sometime in the future, this will all be history.

Ed Rovers Roberts, Drums, Guy Turner, Bass, Mikey Hopkins, Moog, Dean Murray Newton, Vocals and percussion, Innes Reid, Guitar, Bass Vocals, Deborah Harris, Saxophones, clarinet, vocals and percussion.

Sicknote are an explosion of post-punk, techno, breakbeat and thigh slapping hill billy acid punk, or something. Nothing can prepare you for the live show these freaks have in store for you poor bastards. Forget your problems, forget work, forget yourself and GET ON THE BUS……
“they is going one way and they ain’t coming back”
5 losers from Cardiff met at the legendary dodgy all night after party spot, Netty’s Fancy Dress Shop, a few years back and took to the stage to see what would happen if they just ‘winged it’, a lightening bolt smashed through the roof and life was breathed into what was immediately named: Sicknote. Fast forward a few years and Sicknote are touring Europe and headlining several underground festivals and punk and dance events…. with no skill between them, with just pure faith some cheap tricks and an ‘in the moment’ ethos, Sicknote somehow manage to tap into something and whip their audience into a complete frenzy and leave them gagging for more every single time. Get to a live ceremony now, and witness the Sickness.



Silent Blackout – A young, up and coming band from Oswestry… As seen on TV.

Soul Preachers

Annette Campbell – lead vocals, Neville Campbell – lead vocals, Colin Leddington – Guitar, Paul Grainger – bass, Dave Cox – synthesizers and programming



TACSI are a 4 piece bilingual band from Anglesey in North Wales.The music is all original funky/reggae/soul with the emphasis on creating a groovy atmosphere and making people dance.This mix, combined with intriguing songwriting and arrangements, ensures an interesting and powerful experience.They have played many festivals and gigs and they get regular airplay on BBC Wales.Their debut album, Turkey Shore Road is out now.


The Madoc Vanguard

Blending energetic riffs, danceable rhythms and stonking synth, The Madoc Vanguard’s unique brand of electro rock is guaranteed to get the crowd on its feet.

Described by local music media as ‘exciting and refreshingly different’ and featuring ‘danceable songs with soulful lyrics’, TMV’s four-track debut EP is available to download from iTunes, Amazon and more.

For the latest news, gigs and releases, check out the band’s website at, or follow them on Facebook and Twitter.

Rob Brown (vocals), Richard Watson (guitar), Siôn Stedman (bass) and Luke Middleton (drums, pads)




The Misty Blue Trio

The Misty Blue Trio are a young ,up and coming band from Welshpool fast gaining a reputation as a diverse,genre crossing outfit in a musically thriving area.Their original songs will move your heart as well as your feet!
These boys have many influences but while they give a nod to other artists the music they make definteley has its own stamp. Local Press:
County Times-”Their music is very catchy, meaning it is easy to learn lyrics to, and in no time at all, you’ll unconscientiously find yourself singing along, if not tapping your toe along to the continuous beat.”

To Loud for the Leigon

This dynamic four piece based in Mid Wales is driven by songwriter Phil Hill on lead vocals and guitar.
The Legion’s music spans genres and depicts a journey of life. The rhythmic, melodic yet deliciously crunchy guitar sound is complimented by the funky punk bass playing from Ianto Williams and the sharp drumming of Rob Andrew.
Together with a twist of distinctive backing vocals and percussion delivered by Kayte Phillips gives this quirky band a totally unique sound.



A great net of close friends from the caernarfon/anglesea area.
Things have changed, members have changed but the great WildFire spirit is still strong and energetic.
There are the wacky members (Rosie and Weasel) and the laid back members (Dave,Shaun and Matt).
We are a five piece pop/rock (different) band doin a ton of covers and a load o great WELSH and ENGLISH material;.

Ffrindiau agos o ardal Caernarfon / Sir Fon .
Mae llawer o pethau di newid, mae aelodau wedi Newid Ond mae Ysbryd Wildfire yn dal yn cryf ac yn Fywiog.

Mae aelodau gwallgof (Rosie a Weasel ) a’r aelodau yn ôl a osodwyd (Dave, Matt a Shaun).
Rydym yn Band pump darn pop / roc (gwahanol) gyda llawer o Covers ac Caneuon Gwych gwreiddiol CYMRAEG AC SAESNEG.