Jul 10

Workhouse almost here

Hi Everyone

Your tickets are out, sorry for the delay, but had someone trying to copy them.

If they dont happen to get to you, dont worry, they’er all numbered and your names are onĀ  my master list which will be on the gate.
Its looking to be a busy weekend, with all the band and dj slots filled, food and bar sorted, our only minor problem is that we have a very wet field. So we will ask you to bear with us, we have a solid car park and will try and put as many as close together as possible on it. The campervans have about enough hard standing if you’re good and dont try to drive onto the field.
We are setting up 8 rooms as dorms, so will have the biggest sleepover this year… so just bring pj’s sleeping mat and bag.
There will be some camping, but we ask that you go where asked.
Please don’t bring any glass…. it will be removed on entry as we have lots of children running around and we dont want cut feet etc.
Also, No Dogs….. its unfair on others.
One more ask… we have a fully stocked bar at pub prices, please use it and dont bring your own, security will ask you not to drink your own inside the confines of the building and gardens.
Apart form that…. Its Party Time – have fun:) :) :)

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